Innovator. Trailblazer. Change-maker.

Equity at the top: Board effectiveness. Inclusive talent management. Top team effectiveness. A passion for people and a breadth of experience gives Ayana Parsons a unique vantage point on C-suites, industries and leadership and helps them to higher standards of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Trailblazing: Founding partner of the Fearless Fund, which invests in women of color-led businesses, bridging the gap in venture capital funding.

Creating a racially equitable future as inclusive leaders 

Organizations need CEOs to be champions of racial equity. But to lead their businesses to become truly inclusive and equitable they also need to be highly skilled in a multitude of ways. We talk about what inclusive leadership looks like in action.


June 2020

11 AM (EDT)


Board effectiveness

Leading some of the world's largest corporations in efforts to prioritize inclusion and equity at the top.

Top team effectiveness

Working with clients to design their organizational structures, roles and responsibilities. ‚Äč

Inclusive talent management

Aligning talent management with diversity and inclusion,


Driving change at leading organizations

Executive Thoughts